​The philosophy at Capital Management Group, Inc. is to structure portfolios in a manner that is consistent with each client’s investment objectives and tolerance for risk. As a result of our belief that each investing situation is unique, we spend a great deal of time defining client’s goals, and custom making their portfolio to achieve these objectives.

Capital Management Group believes that timing the market is difficult, if not impossible. Consequently, we make investment decisions that follow a buy and hold philosophy. While cash balances will vary, our long term investing horizon normally dictates that accounts are fully invested the majority of the time.

Our investment philosophy can be described as a mix of growth and value, which stresses a balanced portfolio that is well diversified across various sectors. While portfolios are normally heavily weighted in large companies, stock selections are not limited to any particular sector or market capitalization. Our objective is to buy high quality stocks, with strong underlying fundamentals that are trading at valuations we consider reasonable.

After investing heavily in individual securities for the better part of fifteen years in most client accounts, the market’s evolution over that time, combined with our internal research has affirmed our belief that the majority of an investor’s stock market exposure is better served with mutual funds. Consequently, Capital Management Group, Inc. will not purchase individual stocks in client accounts whose target allocation contains less than $500,000 in equities. For clients with more than $500,000 invested in equities, the decision of whether or not to purchase individual equities, and in what amount, is determined on a client by client basis.