We believe strongly in asset allocation and diversification and accomplish this through a carefully constructed combination of equities, no-load mutual funds and various fixed income securities. CMG customizes individual portfolios to meet each client’s specific investment objectives weighed against their tolerance for risk. Our current investment minimum for managed accounts is $100,000.

CMG manages client accounts on an individualized basis, and further restrictions and guidelines imposed by the client may affect the composition and performance of portfolios. For these reasons, performance of portfolios within the same investment objective may differ and clients should not expect the performance of their portfolio to be identical to any other client of CMG. Capital Management Group, Inc. believes that timing the market is difficult, if not impossible. The company philosophy therefore dictates that once a target equity percentage is identified for a particular account, the goal is for that account to remain closely aligned with the target.

Client services include:

        • Quarterly investment reports (account size dependent)
        • Monthly reports directly from Schwab Institutional
        • Real time access to portfolio holdings and value
        • Periodic meetings to review portfolio